Membership rules, terms and conditions

Video Surveillance The gym is under 24/7 video surveillance for security and order reasons.

Membership card Each member is provided with a membership card upon registration. They are obliged to carry this card in order to access the gym. Members with forgotten membership cards will not be granted access. Reissue of a lost or forgotten membership card is paid for. The cards are personal and therefore cannot be lent. Any membership card misuses will result in the termination of the holder's membership.

The deposit on these cards is only to be used for purchasing Fit Factory products and services.

Each member is obliged to inform the staff of Fit Factory in case of membership card loss. Failure to do so in case there is a rule violation with his card means the cardholder will be held accountable for any property theft or damage. The value of any terminated membership is not reimbursed.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs Access to the gym for members under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied. The use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited on the premises of the gym. Violation of this rule will result in membership termination.

Padlocks and lockers All Fit Factory members get a padlock upon registration and are expected the carry it when visiting the gym. A member of the staff gives an instruction about the correct use of the padlock. FIT FACTORY is not responsible for damaged padlocks once they have been handed to the members. The lockers in the changing rooms are meant to be used only during training sessions and leaving a locked locker will result in the padlock being removed by the staff and all the contents taken. Fit Factory is not responsible for any property loss or damage on the premises of the gym, even in case the property is locked in a locker. There are safe boxes on the gym area which are provided for valuables. For safety reasons bags, backpacks and other luggage are not allowed onto the gym floor.

Showers The shower use in the gym is controlled. Every active member can use one shower per day by swiping the membership card on one of the three card readers in front of the bathrooms. This provides 10 minutes of hot water on the corresponding shower inside the bathroom.

Sauna The sauna is used only on demand with a reservation. The duration of the sauna session is no longer than one hour. Members with heart and skin conditions are advised to consult with a doctor before using the sauna. The sauna room is prohibited for pregnant ladies and children under the age of 16.

Tanning bed The tanning bed is operated with 3 minute tokens. Each person undergoes a tanning instruction conducted by a member of the Fit Factory staff. We strongly recommend that the members consult with a dermatologist before their first session if they deem so.

Shoes and clothing All member must wear clean training shoes and appropriate clothing when visiting the gym. Naked bodies, bare feet, flip-flops, street shoes, boots, work boots are prohibited onto the gym floor. If the member has forgotten their training shoes he is requested to wear overshoes. Violation of the above rules might result in membership termination.

Pets Pets are not allowed on the premises of the gym excluding guide dogs.

Weights and equipment Each member is offered an instruction regarding how to use the gym equipment. We strongly recommend following it. Each member should feel free to ask any of Fit Factory's staff when doubting how to use any piece of equipment. Free weights, mats and other fitness accessories should be returned to their respective places after use. Violation of this rule may lead to membership termination.

“Dead lift” is performed only on the provided pads.

All members must use the equipment and weight accordingly. Should they be addressed by any member of the staff concerning equipment use, they must adhere to the request.

Changes The staff of Fit Factory remains the right to make changes to the rules, working time and equipment if they deem necessary. Fit Factory remains the right to be closed for repairs or maintenance for as long as the staff decides with membership periods extended for active members.

Responsibility Fit Factory does not take responsibility for any illnesses, traumas and injuries happening by negligence on the premises of the gym. The gym staff also should not be held accountable for any events which are normally unforeseeable, including electric shocks, earthquakes and floods.

All members are advised to consult with a doctor before using the gym.

Weapons Carrying weapons on the premises of the gym is strictly prohibited.

Underage members Members below the age of 18 are allowed in the gym only during the working hours of the staff.

After-hours accessOutside the working hours of the staff the members can you the gym unattended. They must use their membership card to open the main door and then swipe it again at the turnstile. Letting non-members and members with expired memberships into the gym is considered a serious offence and in the event of such wrongdoing the membership will be terminated immediately. After opening the main door, every member is obliged to make sure he is not letting other people inside, deliberately or unknowingly. On the inside of the main door is located an exit button which unlocks the door for three seconds and then lock it again automatically. In the unlikely event of emergency or exit button failure an emergency button is provided by the left-hand side of the Protein bar (next to the fridge), which cuts the electric supply to the main door when pressed.